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We provide absolutely free online consultancy on clients¹ desktop screen or via phone for those clients who choose to get associate with us under our buyback intervention programme for cultivation of MAPs and other crops. Our online agricultural support is assisting clients with project planning, procurement, farm management and consulting for agricultural projects worldwide. We also train local growers to adjust to up-to-date agricultural technologies, growing methods, harvesting, post harvesting and marketing.

Value Added Services

We provide a complete package of services that ensures a mutually beneficial and enduring business relationship. These Value Added Services include :

  • • Providing solutions to customers using our in house talent and a wide network of business associates.
  • • Expert Agronomic Support, agricultural assessment & project planning. Designing and setting up turn-key projects. We also prepare feasibility report on demand after making field survey.
  • • Facilitating to acquire Government subsidies by preparing detailed project reports for any farming/ agriculture processing or related projects and suggesting proper channels for clients¹ convenience.
  • • Helping manufacturers/farmers in locating and developing markets for their products by leveraging the knowledge of local markets and cultures in different parts of the world.
  • • Assisting buyers to source quality products, arranging Inspection, quality control and ensuring timely delivery with after Sales Service.
  • • Training of Customer's Technicians and maintaining direct contact with customers through a network of well connected and qualified executives, thoroughly familiar with local business practices.

Terms and Conditions for Consultancy Services

Meeting with Client

Having prior appointment, client can directly meet us at our office for counseling and initial discussion. During the meet, we enquire basic data about the client, his requirements and expectations followed by a detailed discussion about the project. In this session, we educate the client about his requirements with some refinement in his ideas and aims. Most of the time we find that clients approach us with wrong hypothesis and anticipation on agriculture projects. Therefore, We provide them correct information and latest updates. Finally, to conclude our first meeting, we draw a tentative design of required consultancy services by the client and provoke him for further necessary action.

Site/ Farm Visit

Even though first we meet our clients at our office, we have to provide our services at the farmland only. During site visit, we generally go through detailed inspection and evaluate various agro-climatic and socio-economic factors governing selection of suitable crops to be cultivated on farm and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Management Practices (GMP). After complete survey and on the basis of recorded database, we draft a ©Technical Feasibility Report¹ for the reference of the client with the help of which he would be able to take accurate and appropriate decision. This report will include all details like what to do or not to do on proposed site and suggestion for best suited crops for the farm and an instruction manual for the client to implement the crop schedule and needful operations.

On-Farm Implementation of consultancy services

We also provide ªStart to Endº on-farm services as mentioned in Technical Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report (DPR) prepared on demand of the client. Start from the beginning viz., from performing pre-requisite site analysis and developing all required and mandatory infrastructure for building up approved cropping system(s) upto the end including harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing of end produce, we shall undertake all the works. We are having enough experience & proficiency for the said job. Here, service charges for the implementation of the project are finalized only after taking many things into consideration and detailed discussion with client.

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